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We can save lives with safe water! image

We can save lives with safe water!

Join The Mighty Goodfellas in their support for Niger.


$5,244 towards $10,000

It costs just $6,300 to drill a well and transform a village.

When a well is drilled...

  • Child mortality is reduced by 70%
  • Girls, no longer having to walk 4-6 miles a day to collect water, can go to school
  • Women are given microfinance training to help them start small businesses

Together, we can bring an end to death and disease caused by unsafe water!

Even a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal. Just $30 gives one person safe water for a lifetime!

The Mighty Goodfellas

With the release of the Mighty Goodfellas' new 2022 Holiday single "Let's Make Time", we invite you to consider the cause that has inspired the band's work!

Men from all walks of life, contributing their gifts from all over the world, who share a common bond, which is passion for personal growth, intellectual challenge, and social transformation, created something magical and miraculous for the Holiday season. Their backgrounds: Media, Entertainment, Technology, Artistry, and Leadership. The Mighty Goodfellas are a team of more than 40 heart-centred men, rock stars, classical singers and musicians, as well everyday heroes who have worked through the difficulties of our unique times to selflessly create this extraordinary, moving celebration of life.

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A historic effort produced by the Heroes of METAL Mighty Music Mondays "Heroes of Art", The Mighty Goodfellas invite you to consider supporting this cause.